Stopwatch was originally designed for finger friendliness on the Windows Mobile platform. Since the first version for Windows Mobile came out in late 2008 two more ‘panels’ have been added to the application. Stopwatch now features three ‘panels’ between which the user can switch by sliding either left or right (like most homescreens). On this page Stopwatch’s all features and panels will be thoroughly explained and motivated. Keep on reading to see how Stopwatch can help you in your day-to-day life!





The Stopwatch Panel

The first layout of Stopwatch contained only the panel now called (yeh, exciting, I know) ‘Stopwatch’. The normal Stopwatch panel is designed with ergonomic buttons and clear digits. The positioning of the start and stop/reset buttons makes sure that you can keep a steady and comfortable grip of your phone while still being able to time.

The Advanced Stopwatch Panel

The second panel to be added to the application was the Advanced stopwatch. It was designed together with a group of users that wanted to be able to see the list of split times while still holding the thumb over the split and stop buttons. Therefor the advanced stopwatch has its buttons in the bottom of the screen, under the split panel.

The Timer Panel

The newest panel in the Stopwatch family is the timer. It has no upper time limit as long as your phone is still on and when time is up it notifies you by using the Android native notification bar. More features includes changeable alarm tones, selectable vibration and repeatable alarms that doesn’t end until you react to it.

Future releases:

Future releases are planned to improve handling but to still maintain the simplicity and style from earlier versions. Simplicity and user focus is the core of the Stopwatch development. For the next release the focus will be on power consumption and code sleekness. The plan is to have the service completely rewritten to improve stability and footprint.  If you have ideas about new functions, please leave a comment at the end of this page.



Version 2.5.1:

  • Fixes a wake-lock bug

Version 2.5:

  • Fixes bugs where the timer was not stopped after ringing
  • Removes the second stopwatch page and adds an option under settings that moves the buttons to the bottom of the screen
  • Adds an option to have a notification counting down with the timer

Version 2.0:

  • Support for more screen aspect ratios (qHD, HD etc.)
  • New icon sets that matches the Android design guidlines better
  • Added a wheel for selecting time to the timer
  • Better optimized for Android 3 and 4

Version 1.1.1:

  • Fixed bugs:
  • Not restarting stopwatch
  • Not showing correct panel after restart

Version 1.1:

  • Updated side scrolling to be more like the homescreen.

Version 1.0:

  • - First version.